The Grand Old Ukes of Yorkshire

Overview of the activity

Every single day is tailored to your specific needs but a typical day might look like this:

Everybody gets their own Uke to learn and play, with the option to take it home at the end of the day depending on the package you require. The morning session is spent learning the basics; how to play 4 easy chords, how to strum and how to arrange a song. By lunchtime, the whole group will be be able to play and sing a couple of popular songs.

After lunch, the group breaks into smaller teams, with each of them having a couple of songbooks of popular and well known songs from the last 60 years. They will be asked to learn and teach each other a song to perform at the end of the day.

The teams will be encouraged to personalise their songs, be it with funny lyrics or some original choreography, and prizes may or may not be awarded for performance and enthusiasm.

Objectives of the activity

The main objective of our team days is primarily that everyone has fun with their colleagues. Team work is a huge part of our days, especially in the afternoon session, where the teams will need to unearth each members strengths and work out how to utilise them. Everybody will go away challenged but with a great sense of achievement.

You will definitely see your colleagues in a different light!

Why not just go quad biking?

  • We are (probably) 97.3% more environmentally friendly than quad biking.
  • We can work in most spaces. All we need is a big room for everyone to learn in and some additional space to break out into for the afternoon.
  • We're not weather dependant.
  • Everybody, any age can get involved and have fun with a Ukulele, especially those with no musical experience!.
  • You (probably) won't be able to take a quad bike home with you.
  • Falling off a Ukulele doesn't hurt as much as falling off a quad bike.

Enough from us, what do our clients have to say?

"Brilliant – Great idea that we can take the Ukulele away with us."
"Brilliantly presented. Loved it when our shambolic start came together into a recognisable performance."
"Chris and Duncan were patient, conveyed the material very well and made the whole thing look effortless. If only!"
"Great fun. Loved it. Fantastic for seeing team members in a different light. Would recommend to anyone!"
"Fun packed day, no pressure!"
"Having a laugh in the face of adversity."
"Best team building I have ever done!"
"Weighted to enable everyone to participate."

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